The Pond

Posted 22nd October 2008 | 3 Comments

This pretty pond is at the end of the street that runs above my house. It's so tranquil looking. I never see anyone sitting around it or fishing in it though although it looks like a perfect picnic spot.  In the summer, the lily pads bloom and it's quite beautiful.

Post Title: The Pond
Author: Sureshot
Posted: 22nd October 2008
Filed As: Landscapes
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  1. Matt commented:

    Looks very peaceful. I could see myself just laying in the grass under the trees, looking up at the clouds 🙂

  2. Sureshot commented:

    @Matt – not today you wouldn’t — it’s COLD!

  3. Boxing Meets MMA commented:

    Where exactly is this pond? Any turtles and toads/frogs there in the summer?

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