Unknown Butterfly

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This guy is a bit tattered around the edges but is still a very handsome specimen of whatever kind of butterfly he is.  Since I’ve never seen his like before around here, I’m wondering if he’s migrating from/to somewhere.

**UPDATE** Some kind person on Flickr identified this as a Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa). It must indeed be migrating as it normally summers in Montana. We are quite a ways east of it’s normal path!

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Fritz Wins!

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Fritz wins WD/BOS/BP

Fritz wins WD/BOS/BP

Cardinal Fledgling

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This little guy looks like he just got out of the nest. Isn’t he cute??


Anole Sex

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I was going out the back door the other day when I spotted these two Green Anoles engaged in propagation of the species. smile_omg They stayed in this position for nearly 20 minutes – certainly long enough to have been eaten if some Anole eating critter had come along. Two for the price of one even!

From my research, their color indicates they are happy – seeing how bright it is, they must be VERY happy!


Summer Tanager

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This is a newcomer to our yard – a Summer Tanager. It summers in the  Southern United States and winters in South America. It’s a bee and wasp eater! YEAH! We certainly have plenty of wasps around here! It is welcome to as many as it can eat. A very pretty bird and seemed to have quite a personality – I guess if you take on wasps, you develop a ‘tude. I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture – this was taken through my office window that, once again, needs to be cleaned.