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Neighbor’s Cat

Posted 19th October 2008 | 3 Comments

I love this cat. It's so photogenic. It sat there watching me taking pictures of other things and just sort of did that cat stare thing they do when they want you to do something, so I took it's photo. See how it made eye contact with the camera? Of course, once the photo was taken, it looked away as if to say "one is enough. I'm so good you won't need a second shot."

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Post Title: Neighbor’s Cat
Author: Sureshot
Posted: 19th October 2008
Filed As: Mammals
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3 Opinions have been expressed on “Neighbor’s Cat”. What is your opinion?
  1. Lyndi commented:

    Beautiful cat – great photo. I am not a pro-photographer but I have read about the rule of thirds (I think that’s what they call it). I would think that you have managed to get things just right on this one.

  2. Digital Polaroids commented:

    Look at that look!

  3. John commented:

    Really photogenic! And the way it posed for capturing photographs, it’s awesome.

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