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Travelin’ Show » Blog Archive » Hummingbird Wing Positions

Hummingbird Wing Positions

Posted 28th June 2008 | 21 Comments

Post Title: Hummingbird Wing Positions
Author: Sureshot
Posted: 28th June 2008
Filed As: Wild Birds
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21 Opinions have been expressed on “Hummingbird Wing Positions”. What is your opinion?
  1. sailor commented:

    I always struggle to freeze fast action like this. You do not seem to have that problem. Great photos.

    sailors last blog post..Giving something back

  2. SureShot commented:

    Thanks Dawn!

    Sailor — I couldn’t do it without the sports setting on the camera. I really love the things it does. Although I dream of having a digital slr someday, I may be too spoiled by this little camera to make the switch.


    SureShots last blog post..Hummingbird Wing Positions

  3. fragileheart commented:

    Yes, absolutely wonderful shots. And with a point and shoot too! Bravo!! 😀

  4. Thess commented:

    Lovely shots! Simply beautiful 🙂

    Thesss last blog post..Photohunt: moon

  5. SureShot commented:

    Fragileheart — between the tripod and image stabilization on the camera and the sports setting which freezes frames and the macro setting in conjunction with the freeze-frame to blur out the background, the camera does all the work. I think I pumped up the contrast a tiny bit in editing since I’m sitting inside a room taking the photos through a window, but that’s all the editing I do.

    Thanks, Thesss — it’s nothing compared to your moon shots! Those are totally awesome!


    SureShots last blog post..Hummingbird Wing Positions

  6. Marie commented:

    I love photography and using our SLR camera. These photos are really impressive – it’s great how you managed to bring the focus on the humming bird and capturing it’s wings flapping at the same time!

    This certainly is a kodak moment…

  7. Marc David commented:

    Those are some 1st rate shots. I like hummingbirds to begin with but the way they are captured in flight is amazing. Absolutely beautiful action shots.

  8. godofnetizens commented:

    Excellent shots!!!

  9. SureShot commented:

    Thank you, Marie — someday, I’ll have an SLR — that’s my dream camera — what brand do you recommend? Almost everyone I’ve talked to recommends Cannons, but I’m curious about other brands as well.

    Marc –thanks for dropping by! Hummers are my favorites, too as you can probably tell from the preponderance of photos of them throughout this blog.

    Thank you, Godofnetizens.


    SureShots last blog post..Hummingbird Wing Positions

  10. Marie commented:

    Margaret my SLR is digital and was one of the first to come out so it might be a bit dated now – but it was highly recommended by a lot of photography magazines that reviewed the camera at the time. It’s the Nikon D70 and it’s been fantastic so far. I will probably buy another Nikon camera again as we have had a good experience with it.

  11. Susan commented:

    Beautiful shots!!!

    Susans last blog post..How Much to Offer on A Short Sale?

  12. Bill commented:

    Very cool shots. Just wanted to let you know that I just posted about the new Entrecard contest of which you are a sponsor. Be sure to check it out.

  13. Brad commented:

    You have to have some patience to get shots like that of a hummingbird. Well done!

  14. Linda commented:

    Great pics of hummingbirds. They are a delight to watch and if there are more than one, the territorial fights are incredible!

    Lindas last blog post..Greensburg on Planet Green

  15. Atniz commented:

    One of the most beautiful pic the I ever seen online. Great work!!!

    Atnizs last blog post..How to get 500 Drops A Day

  16. Lee commented:

    Beautiful pictures! I know from experience how difficult it is to get wildlife pictures like these, and you’ve done a great job. I like the way you composed the shots and your settings were perfect. Nice job.

    Lees last blog post..More Questions Than Answers

  17. SureShot commented:

    Marie — thanks for the model! Nikon is probably the second most mentioned SLR. I’m hoping to find a Sony SLR as I sure like my PS!

    Thank you, Susan

    Thank you, Bill! I appreciate the link love!

    Linda — yeah the fights are spectacular and since I only have the one feeder out there, I do get to see them fairly often, but getting a photo of one! No way! Those buggers are moving at the speed of light! 😆

    Artiz — you give me too much credit! I’m sure there are more gorgeous photos than my humble offerings, but thank you!

    Thanks, Lee — I make it easy, though with my set up. Just hang your bird feeder outside your office window, make sure it’s good and clean, set your camera up on one of those small tripods and be ready to shoot.


    SureShots last blog post..Shy Browser

  18. pembs commented:

    Really like the Pictures of the Hummingbird great shots.

  19. Wild Life Blogger commented:

    I think this is the perfect shot of Humming bird. I love them all!!! Please keep on posting such pictures…

  20. SureShot commented:

    Thank you very much, Pems and Wild Life Blogger!

    SureShots last blog post..Whippets Racing

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