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Posted 25th October 2008 | 3 Comments

We used to have horses a long time ago when the kids were young. I enjoyed them but they were a huge responsibility that I'm not missing. Whenever I want to interact with horses, I only have to go to the end of the street right above our house and here these guys are. I never see anyone ride them or mess with them at all. They just hang out in the pasture. Their numbers change from time to time. The sorrel draft horse is new.

Post Title: Horses
Author: Sureshot
Posted: 25th October 2008
Filed As: Mammals
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3 Opinions have been expressed on “Horses”. What is your opinion?
  1. Stacey Kimmel-Smith commented:

    Well, they look fat and happy! That’s good to see, and yes psychologically being around horses can be uplifting and satifsying. I blog about horses, if you ever want to enjoy them without the responsibilities, come take a look at my blog.

    PS I also love your donkey photo…

  2. Lyndi commented:

    Horses are, IMO. the most beautiful animals in the world. I do not ride and in all honesty I am a little scared of them but that does not mean I do not enjoy watching them. I wish I could just pop down the road to see some. You are lucky.

  3. Sureshot commented:

    @Stacey — yes they do look very content. And I’ve visited your site and added you to my drop list which also serves as my favorite-blogs-to-read list. I also forwarded your link to my friend Janet who is a horse owner and dressage rider as I thought she would be very interested in what you have to say.

    @Lyndi — I have to agree with you on the beauty part. I have owned trained and ridden horses for many years, but am too old and fat now to climb into the saddle. They are a HUGE responsibility as they require a lot of care in our urban society — proper feed, exercise, vet care and shoes just to list a few. I will have to be content with visiting the neighbors 🙂

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